7 Tips for Decluttering Your Hastings MN Garage This Summer

Published on 6/25/2021

7 Tips for Decluttering Your Hastings MN Garage This Summer

In Hastings, we have lots of stuff to store…With our great 4 seasons, residents of Hastings, MN have the opportunity to participate in winter sports and hobbies as well as great summer activities like boating, camping and outdoor sports.  All of these activities require some type of supporting equipment.  Usually without noticing, the garage can become a place brimming with junk, boxes of stuff, and seasonal toys. It can quickly become the go-to place for storing things that you aren’t sure where to put.  You may have the best of intentions to one day go in there and start putting things in their rightful place (or discarding them); however, life often gets in the way of these plans.  After all, wouldn’t you rather go boating on the beautiful Mississippi or St. Croix Rivers on a sunny day?

With summertime approaching us, it’s a great time to rethink your storage solutions and start clearing your garage of unnecessary clutter. This includes anything from seasonal décor to yard equipment and even things that might have been lying around there for months (or years!).

Before you start this organizing process though, put a plan in place to do so in an efficient manner. Read our tips below to help you make the most of decluttering season and keep a clutter-free garage just in time for the warmer weather.  This is where Simply Secure Storage of Hastings MN can help!  At Simply Secure Storage, we have many size storage units that match your needs ranging in size from small 5x10 units to large 14’x45’ storage units for your boat or camper.  Best of all, we are located close to home in the new Hastings Industrial Park.

Let’s examine the seven steps to organizing your garage.

1.   Have a Plan

When deciding to take on a project like decluttering and organizing your garage, you want to have a plan before you start. Have an idea of how you want your garage to look and how you want to organize so that you can aim towards that throughout the process. Choose a weekend to start or a day where you won’t easily be interrupted, busy, or distracted. Make sure to check the weather beforehand as well, since you most likely won’t want to be outside cleaning and organizing in the rain. Even if you can’t get it done all in one day or weekend, do what you can and take your time to ensure everything is getting done properly.

2.   Reach Out to Friends and Family

Clearing out and organizing your garage can require some heavy lifting, you may want to get a group of people together so that you have some help when needed. (Remember, you helped your friends move a few times, it’s time for them to help you out! J )  Their help will allow you to get the job done much faster. It’ll also be more fun this way, and you can order pizza and drinks to keep your helpers happy throughout the day.

3.   Divide and Conquer

It’s easy to just pile everything into your garage without giving much thought as to what goes where. However, this can make certain items hard to find and makes decluttering a longer process. Remember to create zones for your items. Examples are gardening supplies, tools, and sporting/exercise equipment. Having designated areas for items simplifies the cleaning/decluttering process and makes it easier for you to find what you need in the future.

4.   Organize Wisely

When it comes to organizing, make sure to utilize your space wisely. This can mean putting up vertical shelves and creatively thinking about space. Don’t just store items and bins on the ground, use overhead space and put in some shelving units or cabinets to give your garage a cleaner look.

5.   Maintain Regularly

Of course, once you’ve spent the time to clean and organize your entire garage, it can only stay this way with regular upkeep and maintenance. Be sure to have a yearly (or seasonal) cleanout, and regularly discard and throw away items you don’t want or need (instead of keeping them just because you can). Don’t let your garage get overfilled with junk again, or else you will be overwhelmed every time you have to clean, organize, or even look at it.

6.   Keep Inventory of Items

If you have a lot of items in your garage and you want to make searching for things easier, create a spreadsheet or a simple chart so you can quickly identify which items are where. Keeping inventory of your items like this may seem like overkill, but it will definitely come in handy and save you time when you are looking for something in particular.

7.   Utilize Self-Storage (at Simply Secure Storage, Hastings, MN of course!)

Sometimes, even when organizing to the best of your abilities, you may find that your garage simply does not have enough space for all your stored items. This can make it seem like your garage is always messy or too full with things. Perhaps you can barely even find room to park your car in there! If this is the case, you should consider renting a self-storage unit from Simply Secure Storage to keep excess items that you don’t want to get rid of just yet. This way, you can keep your items without having to compromise on space in your garage.

Rest assured that we have great, modern, reasonably priced self-storage units in Hastings, MN to keep your belongings safe and your home clutter-free. We are located conveniently close to all Hastings residents and have self-storage units in every size.  Not everyone has the space or luxury to keep all their belongings neatly at home, and this is where offsite self-storage can help. For more information on decluttering and the features of our self-storage facility, please call Simply Secure-Storage at 651-241-4241 or email us at HastingsMNstorage@gmail.com.  We are family owned and always ready and available to help you make your storage and organization dreams a reality. Contact us today for more information on our high-quality storage units in a range of sizes for your convenience.