How Decluttering Can Boost Your Mental Health

Published on 7/24/2021

How Decluttering Can Boost Your Mental Health

Have you ever walked into a recently cleaned room that was organized perfectly and decorated to its fullest potential? If so, you know the feeling of being peaceful and at ease that comes with being in such a space. 

Nowadays, with more people than ever staying home regularly, it’s important to create a space that supports your mental health and encourages feelings of well-being and serenity. Perhaps it’s your office space, bedroom, or bathroom that needs some extra help. Whatever the case, read on to see how decluttering and organizing your space can have great mental health benefits that really affect your lifestyle and day-to-day activities.

Less Stuff, Less Maintenance

When you really think about it, owning certain items can mean more work and maintenance. For example, if you have many shoes, you have to constantly clean, organize, and keep them in good shape. If you have a lot of tech and electronics, you have to keep them charged, up-to-date, and in good working order. This sometimes requires care and attention on your part. If this maintenance isn’t a source of stress for you, then feel free to continue doing what you’re doing. 

However, if you feel weighed down by constantly maintaining your collections or many items, then you may need to rethink what you own and start decluttering. When you are mindful about the items and only decide to keep what you really need, you decrease the amount of attention given to maintaining these belongings. This way, you can focus more on things that actually matter: family, friendships, exercise, health, and hobbies.

Less Effort, More Time

When you decide to get rid of the things you no longer need or want and declutter items that are holding you back, you essentially save yourself time as well as effort. When you constantly bring in items and junk into your home, you must always spend time organizing, cleaning, and finding new places for them. This takes up a lot of your mental energy and precious time! If you make it a point to discard, donate, or sell things you don’t actually need, then you will free up a lot of your personal time as well.

Get Rid of Stress

Decluttering goes hand in hand with organization. Sometimes, our homes can be a source of added stress and frustration because they are constantly messy, disorganized, and overflowing with things. Decrease your stress levels today by getting rid of items you no longer need and organizing the ones you do. It may seem like a difficult task to go through everything, but once you get it done, you will feel much lighter. You won’t need to go through piles of junk in search of an item or constantly wonder where you’ve put things. Organize your belongings so that the things you need are visible or within reach. Furthermore, if you only keep what you need in the first place, this will be so much easier.

Create More Space

Perhaps you’ve discovered a new hobby, craft, or something that you would like to make more space for in your life. Decluttering can help you get the ball rolling on activities that you’ve been wanting to enjoy, but maybe never had the space for. By decluttering and getting rid of items that no longer serve your purpose, you can make more room for new things that do bring you happiness and convenience. Even if you don’t have a specific hobby in mind, clearing out space is still a good idea and can result in at least a little extra leg room or space to stretch out.

Not enough space?

Sometimes, decluttering and really organizing your space the way you want to is easier said than done. This is where Hastings & Cottage Grove area storage facilities like Simply Secure Storage can help. If you find that you still don’t have enough space in your home to keep all your belongings or your storage space is minimal to begin with, then you might opt for an offsite storage unit where you can keep things like seasonal décor, rarely used wardrobe items, or certain supplies and inventory (if you run a business from home). 

At the end of the day, renting out a storage unit can bring you peace of mind to know your belongings are safe, but yet your main space/home is still clutter-free.

It’s hard to deny that a clean, clutter-free room is anything but beneficial to your personal well-being and mental health. When you really start to think about your space and use it mindfully, you will reap the benefits of convenience, joy, and ease. For more information on Simply Secure Storage - Hastings MN and decluttering options, please call us.  We believe in the power of utilizing your space to the best of your abilities. Contact us today for solutions on how you can do so efficiently and within budget.